Domes are becoming a new trend in many parts of the world as developers started to see their true potential .

However, aesthetical aspect of many current projects still has much space for improvement. And although prefabrication method was used in some of them, there was no consideration to keeping the curvatures perfect and making sure that the structure will be large enough for a big size family.

OSDome takes care of this issues. In fact, the external walls of the structure are shaped over a perfect sphere. This is absolutely unique with that type of architecture.

Apart from that the house is big enough to allow for dividing into two decent size apartments or even four flats in case if really urgent accommodation is required.

OSDome has plenty of other benefits, that make this project truly exceptional. Technologies used in the design make it one of the most ecologically friendly structures that can be commercially available. That is thanks to Perlite as a way to build an external structure, using aquaponics to produce

own organic food, incorporating a rocket stove as a means for heat energy and including own rainwater filtration system. Thanks to solutions like that, OSDome becomes a perfect home for people who are city tired or people who reached their retirement age and are starting to seek to recover a balance with the nature.

  • 250 square meters
  • aquaponic garden
  • two levels - can be independent flats

Savings up to:

  • 100% water*
  • 90% energy

to build you can save about:

  • 50% lower cost
  • 25% less material

  • 7 days to build

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is a consulting company which objective is to promote environmental technology and self-sufficiency in the construction industry.

Our project is prepared on the Open Source platform for individual customers.

We have developed commercial solutions of OSDOMEā„¢ fabrication technology by which we obtained significant saving in cost and duration of assembly of the Lechina  Dome.

At the same time maintaining the highest quality and purity of execution of the project.

Please have a look at our 4-minute movie for Open Source Dome project.

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