Lechina Dome

Is an Ecological, almost entirely self-sustaining house, that can be constructed within less than half of time and half of cost required to build a standard house of this size.

This unique design is therefore highly practical and its key benefits are:

- optimally safe and healthy place to live in

- thanks to the shape and composition of walls, aquaponic garden and rocket stove, savings on heat energy can reach even 90%

- the structure of dome makes it highly resistant to high-speed winds, earthquakes as well as fire

- easy to build (approx. in 7 days) and this is possible due to the technology of prefabricated elements, which is our main suggested way of constructing the structure

-requires low maintenance - OSDome uses heat and gas circulation as well as secondary use of energy and water

just to name few

Our project combines a range of concepts and designs which - when integrated together - deliver solutions to many challenges.

It is possible thanks to introducing architectural structure, that due to its shape massively reduces amount of energy that it needs for heating, at the same time being really low price in supply, amazingly quick to assemble, beautifully designed and made in most out of ecological materials.

Yes, it is a dome!

And it key advantage is that the main structure is built out of

prefabricated modules that can be assembled in around

one week. This two level building has a stunning net

space of over 220 sq./m -  with its own balcony

and green house for real eco-enthusiasts.

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Open Source Dome Project

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